March 27, 2023

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Occasionally, torrents can clog up your network and suddenly stop working. The quickest way to fix this problem is to unplug the power to your modem and router, and then plug them back in after about a minute. This will restart your home network and hopefully fix the connection issue.

But what many people don’t know, ads are one of the reasons why uTorrent is still alive and free. After BitTorrent inc, acquired uTorrent, they inserted ads to generate revenue and keep the free version alive. UTorrent uses “Disk Cache” to maintain frequently accessed data in memory. Disk Cache improves the application’s response because it doesn’t have to read and write every time into the computer’s hard drive. Allow your router/firewall uTorrent communication.Login to your router, under the “Port Forwarding” section and add the same port that you choose in uTorrent. To remain connected, you must forward or map a port.

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They also hide your real IP address to prevent ISP throttling and IP-related attacks. Furthermore, Rainberry, Inc. will never be able to connect its logs to you as a person. Lastly, if you live in a country that blocks torrents, a good VPN can help you bypass any geo-restrictions.

  • Button at the top right of the uTorrent window to close it.
  • Microsoft provides free access to its Office suite online through a browser.
  • Its ability to mask your real IP will keep you safe from numerous online threats, such as cyberattacks and malware, and let you download torrents anonymously.

These applications are being flagged as serious security threats to your computer. If you want to delete the torrent files, press the Delete downloaded data too? You’ll be asked whether you want to limit Flud torrent downloads and upload to WiFi connections, rather than using your mobile data connection. By default, the checkbox to restrict to WiFi-only is enabled, so unless you want to change this, press the OK button. If you want to use your mobile data, press to uncheck the Torrents will download and upload if WiFi is connected checkbox, then press OK to confirm.

Potentially Unwanted Software

Answer yes to the first question – turned on the show a window thing but can’t find this “Toggle torrent view” button you mention. Please can you advise where I can find this please? Wouldn’t think I’ve been using computers for 30+ years and uTorrent for some time. Files marked as “do not download” will most certainly not be downloaded.

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We don’t want to lose our high-speed Internet service, so we CANNOT upload/seed. Hi, I’m quite new to bittorrent, and I would also like to know how to quit seeding. Upload speed is .1kb if I’m lucky, and the latest ETA was 2 years and 36 weeks. I would either like to know how to remedy this slow uploading speed easily, or how to quit seeding.

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